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STF mentors are just like any other college student. This year's STF mentors are:

  • Michael Meeks
  • Matt Luongo
  • Kim Kaszycki
  • Eric Beglin
  • Emanuel Nunez
  • Austin Hurd
  • Brandon Wiles
  • Jordan Clark
  • Tori Ibirra

Mentors have many different responsibilities, which are listed below (Note: Responsibilities are not limited to just this list).

  • Student assessment
  • Student achievement
  • Consistent tutor sessions
  • Contact with teachers and parents/guardian
  • Extra (non-academic) one-on-one time with mentors
  • Meet with student at least once a week for one hour minimum
  • Role model
  • Attend GT functions (At least one CoC of GT function à demo/presentation)
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Seek/encourage/provide/reference extra help
  • Teach material and study habits
  • Learning techniques
  • Study skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing proficiency
  • Adhere to curriculum
  • Confidentiality

Mentors: Stay tuned for more updates!